CX10 - Upload and Download files


CX10 has the ability to upload and download files inherently in the product.

After opening CX10, click on the file icon at the bottom left and then click on Browse Files.

Virtual Directories

CX10 allows for the Virtual Directories in a user's home folder to let users easily navigate to and interact with files in other directories.  The following is a lexicon for the available virtual directories:

  • '/' - current user's home directory
  • 'ASCII Post Directory' - /opt/carsi/vchpost/Filepost/ascii
  • 'Finpost Directory' - /opt/carsi/vchpost/Filepost/fin_post
  • 'PCFin' - /home/carsids/pcfin
  • 'SMOs' - /opt/carsi/smos
  • 'Vchpost Directory' - /opt/carsi/vchpost
  • 'Word Processing' - /opt/carsi/smos
NOTE: Access to these Virtual Directories is controlled by CX group membership.  Also directories and files are arranged alphabetically (as opposed to Windows Explorer that typically groups all folders/directories together).  If you do not see a directory that you are expecting, please put in a ticket using the following service and include the directory you are needing access to:

To upload files:

Navigate to the directory where the file needs to be and click on Upload:

This will bring up a dialog box for you to navigate to where the file is on your computer that you want to upload.

To download files: 

Navigate to the directory where the file that you want resides, click on it and click Download:

This will bring up a dialog box for you to navigate to where you want the file to download to on your computer.

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