Employee Cybersecurity Training


Participate in required training. Find out how to keep yourself, your account, and your data safe.

How to Begin

Every month, LETU employees will receive a training invitation to their LETU email. Since our goal is to grow as a community with Cybersecurity Awareness, you will want to know what these emails will look like, how to tell they are legitimate, and how to use our Service Desk website to access training directly if you prefer instead of checking and clicking links in email.

Your monthly training email reminder will look like the below:

Your email client may not display graphics in email by default in which case instead of the LETU logo you will see this:


While the LETU logo will look familiar, crooks can easily add logos to email as well – so below are the two primary ways to confirm this email is your actual cybersecurity training invitation:

Don’t Like Clicking on Links in Emails?
We understand! To start your training, you may also:
1.    Visit the IT Service Desk website and login
2.    Click “Training Resources”
3.    Click “Employee Training Resources”
4.    Click “Employee Cybersecurity Training”

Here’s what to expect next:

  • A monthly email with a link to that month’s brief training and assessment
  • Random, simulated phishing emails

What do I need to do?

  • Complete the monthly training and assessment
  • Avoid clicking on links in any suspicious-looking emails you are sent.
  • If you do click on a test phishing link, complete the brief follow-up training to learn how to avoid being tricked by similar emails in the future.

Why is this Important?

In recent years technology attacks against organizations of all sizes have increased exponentially, with successful compromises such as ransomware extracting huge costs in recovery efforts, lost business, compromised financial accounts, fines and damaged reputation.

Since the impact of even the smallest technology compromise can be very significant, it is important to remain vigilant and educated against ever-evolving methods crooks use to compromise critical systems.

As part of our plan to remain vigilant against this ever-growing threat, LETU’s cabinet has approved the introduction of a new cybersecurity training program to help us as a community identify and avoid risky behaviors.

This new program consists of a monthly training and assessment. The training includes a brief video about a different cybersecurity topic each month followed by a short assessment of your understanding on the topic. This training should take 5-10 minutes per month.

Given the critical nature of cybersecurity threats, LETU has designated this training as a requirement for all employees as a condition of continued access to LETU technology systems. If you have any challenges with the brief monthly assessment – you can retake the assessment until you are able to complete it successfully. If you need more assistance understanding the training, we encourage you to call our Service Desk at any time for one-on-one guidance.

In addition, due to the significant risk presented by email-based phishing attacks, our training system will distribute simulated phishing emails throughout the year similar to those typically used to compromise accounts. Those who click a link in these emails will receive a message informing them that they have clicked a link in a test phishing message and will be required to complete a short refresher training.

While some of the training will be humorous as we work to make this initiative memorable and informative, we encourage you to remember that the risks involved in cybersecurity compromises are very real, and it is important for each of us to help form a wall against cyberattacks at LETU. A single compromised employee account could result in not only significant regulatory fines, but also interruption of critical instruction and administrative resources.

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