EMS - Desktop App - Create a Test Reservation & Email Notification

Test emails by creating a test reservation and send out the email(s) to the contact(s).

Open the EMS Desktop application



Click the Book icon on the upper left menu ribbon
    The Reservation Book wizard will open

Click the Building drop down in the upper left and select Longview Hall
    The Date should be a test date like Today

In the hourly display on the right pane left-click anywhere that is not already shown as booked and slightly drag to the right to select a 10, 20, or 30 minute period and un-click(release)
    The Reservation Wizard will appear
    You can change the Start or End Time manually to be in 5, 10, 15 minutes if you expect to do a lot of testing

In the Status drop down select Confirmed
Click Next
    The Event options will appear
Enter Test (always, so C&E knows this is a test booking) in Event Name
Enter Information Technology in Customer
   Remove any reference to Ken Johnson or anyone who you don't want to receive an email for this test booking
In the 1st Contact drop down select temporary contact
Enter 3500 in Phone
Enter your first name in the Temp Contact field
Enter your email address in the Email Address field
    This can be your letu.edu email address or an external email address
Click Finish and the Events option dialogue will close

The Navigator window will open for the reservation just created
    Click Confirmation button on the right
    Click the Email button at the bottom center of the Confirmation window

Possible Printer Setup Message Appears
    This can appear when no default printer is defined on your workstation, or it is not available

To select a printer on your workstation...
    On Windows start menu, type in Printers (some printers may show…unable to connect)
Click on your designated department printer name ( it-122-canir-c3725i on printers.letnet.net), click Manage button that appears, click Set as default
Click Print a test page, then dept id XYZ, click OK.
    One page should print with a printer icon on it
Close Settings window

If a default printer is defined and available on your workstation...

Click OK
With Confirmation still open…click Settings / Preferences
On Preferences tab, click drop down for Paper Size (which shows "Letter") and select Letter as the option
Click OK
Click the Email button and an email preview window appears as noted below.

An email preview window will appear. Confirm the test information is correct in it and then click Send button in the bottom right.

Possible Email Error Message Appears
    This can appear when you are not a normal EMS email sender and is due to some Microsoft spam protection setup to prevent bulk spam emails


Remove the email address from the To: box and enter another accessible email address instead.
Click Send
    Message appears stating Message has been sent

An email should be sent almost immediately to the Inbox of the email address you specified on the Reservation Window

Click Close on the Confirmation window

Click Close on the Navigator - Email Test window

Do another test if needed, or close the EMS Desktop Application



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