Reporting Services-Create Desktop Shortcut for a Report

1. Go to the report in Reporting Services
    Don't just go to the report's folder, but open the report where it will display prompts
    Leave any prompts blank or at their default value
    If there are no prompts or if the report begins to run then let it complete and then continue the steps listed below

2. Copy the URL from the Internet Browser for use later


3. Right-click on the Desktop background outside of Reporting Services
    It doesn't matter where on the Desktop as long as you are not selecting something else on the desktop
    After the Desktop shortcut is created it can be moved to another area of the Desktop if preferred

4. From the pop-up menu select New / Shortcut

5. Paste the URL into the location prompt of the Create Shortcut wizard and click Next
    With the cursor inside the location prompt press <Ctrl> V to paste from the Desktop clipboard
    Have the full, correct URL copied in step 2 or the shortcut will not work

6. Enter a short name for the new Desktop Shortcut
    Windows limits the length of text that will be displayed for a shortcut
    If the first choice for the name is inadequate it can easily be renamed later

7. Click Finish to create the shortcut
    To move this or any of the Desktop Shortcuts left-click the shortcut and drag it to the preferred location



To rename a shortcut, right-click on the shortcut and select Rename

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