Taking Payments through Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms has the ability to connect to LETU's authorize payment processor, Authorize.net, to process payments tied to form submissions safely and securely.  If you determine that you would like to build a form and incorporate an accompanying payment, please following the steps below:

  1. Complete the Online Payment Questionnaire so that Accounting and IT can advise on the best method for taking the payment.
  2. Someone from either Accounting or IT will reach out on the final decision on how the payment should be taken.
  3. After you have confirmation that the payment can be taken in Dynamic Forms, you can begin building the form.
  4. While you are building the form, you can begin to work with Accounting to make sure that a web transaction code is created for your payment.
    NOTE: Multiple forms can share the same web transaction code, but that doesn't mean that they have to.  Accounting will best advise as to when a web transaction code should be reused and when a new one should be created.
  5. Once you have completed designing your form and you have the web transaction code from Accounting, a ticket will need to be submitted to IT in order to turn the form into a Payment Form.  Submit a Dynamic Forms: Modification to live form ticket with the following information:
    1. Form Name
    2. Organization form is found in 
    3. Web transaction code that Accounting provided 
    4. Payment information.  Available payment field types are: 
      1. Dropdown with values representing dollar amounts and description with the label that the user will see
      2. Free entry field where users will enter in dollar amounts 
      Multiple payment fields can be used and a Payment Total field added that will calculate as the user goes.
    5. Should the payment post to the student's student account? (If so, you will need to make sure that there is a field on the form that includes the student's ID number)
    6. Should the form send a payment confirmation email with specific payment information? (If so, the form will need to be a signature form and a template email will need to be provided)
    7. Are there any scenarios where the form should be submitted but payment does not need to be taken? (If so, what are they? Specifically what answers to which form fields)
  6. IT will responded in the ticket when the form has been set up as a payment form on the back-end and the form has the payment fields.
  7. Once the form looks the way you would like, it is recommended that you test it out to the point that it hands off to Authorize.Net.  This will create a submission with a status of Payment Pending, but it can be deleted.
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