EMS - Installing EMS for Outlook Plug-in

The Fall 2022 upgrade to EMS also delivered a plug-in for Outlook.  This plug-in is needed for communication between the locally installed desktop application and the Microsoft Exchange calendar.

Follow these steps to install the EMS for Outlook Plugin on your machine:

  1. Click here: https://letu.emscloudservice.com/outlook-deploy
  2. Click the Download and Install EMS for Outlook link that appears as shown below.
  3. The file download to your default download location for your browser.  If you receive the following prompt, click the Open button to install.

    If you are not prompted, navigate to your default download location and double-click on ‘EMSForOutlook.exe’
  4. A splash screen will pop up indicating that the plug-in is installing.  You will receive the following message when it is complete:

  5. Click Close and then close out of Outlook.
  6. When you open Outlook again and create a new meeting request, the plug-in will be visible and available to use:


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Thu 10/20/22 4:16 PM
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