Windows 11 - What is It Like in the Multiverse?

Spinning a Web of Windows

If you're like most users now, it's likely you have 5 or more apps open in addition to about 27 different instances of your web browser of choice with an always growing number of open tabs in each of those.  To help bring order to the chaos. Windows 11 allows you some options for configuring "zones" in each of your monitors.  Windows 10 did have options for halves or quarters, but 11 takes this a step further.  To see the new options you can click and drag the title bar of any window and hold it to the top of the screen space.

Once this pops up, continuing to drag the window onto one of the gray spaces in your configuration of choice then releasing the click will place that window specifically there.  If you select an option with all gray spaces, Windows will prompt you to select content for the other areas.  You aren't required to select anything and can exit that selection process by clicking into a gray space or by hitting "Esc".

An additional feature added with this is that whichever windows you select for these configurations are then "grouped" together under the assumption they are relevant to each other.  Provided below are a few different examples of how this function works.

A Single App Multiverse

In the example below I've grouped two Word documents together in the half screen configuration.  Hovering over the Word icon on the task bar shows me each document, but also a Group created when I added them in the half screen configuration.  If I see that there, I can click the group and bring them bother up at the same time rather than having to click each individually.


A Multi-App Multiverse

It's also possible to group multiple types of apps and windows together.  In the example below, I've chosen to group some different windows (2 Edge Windows, Adobe Acrobat, Word) in the quadrant configuration though you can select any that may work better for your content needs.  By hovering over the taskbar icon for one of the 3 main apps, this group will show up there.

It's also important to note that as you hover over these groups, you have the option to break the group by clicking the "X".  This will return those windows to where they were oriented before you grouped them.

For those that need this type of power, it is probably the one of the most useful "user-centric" features added with Windows 11.

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