Changing Your CX Password

If your password has already expired...

You will receive the following box after attempting to log in normally to CX10:

By filling out the fields and setting a new password, you do not need to proceed with the rest of this page.

If your password has not already expired...

  1. Open up and log in to CX10 using the steps in the CX10 wiki page.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, click on your username and then on Settings:

3. Click on Password.  Enter your current password, a new password, and then confirm your new password.  Then click on Change Password:

4. If it was successful, you will get the following message:


Using Jenzamate/Quickmate

  1. Connect to CX using the icon on your desktop labeled "Connect to CX" and login to CX as you normally would.

  2. When you reach the CX menu, look to the bottom, right-hand corner and find the Utility Menu; select this option.

  3. Select option 'a' labeled "Login" from the upper, left-hand corner of the Utility Menu.

  4. Select option 'a' labeled "Change Password" from the Utilities:Login Menu.

  5. You should now see a screen stating that no additional information is required. Select "Finish" from the upper, left-hand corner of the window.

  6. When you hit "Finish," the Quickmate/Jenzamate window should automatically minimize and return you to the telnet screen. A prompt will request your "old" or current password as verification.

  7. Once the system has verified your old password, it will ask you for a new password. *Please note that your new password may not contain either of the characters @ or #.

  8. You will then be required to enter your new password a second time.

  9. If you correctly entered your new password both times, the system will ask you to press the enter key and return you to the Utilities:Login Menu.

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