Recording a Panopto Video

  1. Make sure you have Installed the Panopto Recorder onto your computer. If not, please use the following instructions: Installing Panopto.
  1. Open the Panopto Recorder and Sign in with Canvas. Use your typical LETU credentials. Be sure to click the Sign in with Canvas button before trying to enter your credentials.

    Mac users: note that the Panopto Recorder looks and functions a bit differently for Mac. For help with the Panopto Recorder on Mac, please visit

  2. IMPORTANT Make sure the folder is set to the correct folder. Typically this is the folder that has YOUR NAME, which is a sub-folder of your department folder in Department Videos. The folder should not be listed as "My Folder," as this is a private folder and will not allow others to view your video. 
    1. Note that it is possible to move a video later from if you've recorded in the wrong spot. For more information on this, please see How to Move a Panopto Video.

  3. If you'd like, you can rename the title of your video in the Name field. By default, the video is titled with the date and start time.

  4. Check your Primary and Secondary Sources. Primary sources are your video camera and/or microphone; secondary sources are your computer's screens, the PowerPoint you are presenting from, and/or a second camera you may be utilizing (uncommon).
    1. IMPORTANT Be sure to uncheck any devices you do not want to appear in your video (especially "Capture Main Screen," as otherwise it will likely record the Panopto Recorder). Turning off all secondary sources allows you to just record a video of yourself.
    2. For more information on selecting sources, see the following:
      1. Basic Recording in Panopto
      2. Panopto for Windows-Advanced Recording
    3. For more information on using a PowerPoint presentation with Panopto, see The Best Way to Record a PowerPoint Presentation. 

  5. To start the video, click Record.


  1. To stop the video, click Stop. Note that you can also Pause the video recording if needed.

  2. IMPORTANT Once the video is complete, click the blue Upload button. The video will not be available online until you upload it to Panopto's server.  Note that you can also add a description to the video if you'd like.

  3. Add to Canvas if needed (How to Add A Panopto Video (Canvas). You can also obtain a direct link to the video itself by logging in to, navigating to the video, and browsing to the Share tab. For help on sharing a video see Share a Video. Note that only currently-enrolled students or faculty can view Panopto resources. 


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