Faculty Course Startup Checklist

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The first item on every Global course's module page should be a Faculty Course Startup Checklist. On this page, you will find all the necessary elements to set up your course. Please review this checklist for every session that you teach a course. The following are a breakdown of what each of these items mean. For an explanation of the elements for a Residential course's Course Build Guide, please visit the following guide: Article - Course Build Guide (Trad) (letu.edu) 

  1. Read through the Course Syllabus here and the Notes to Instructor here.
    Most courses have important instructions for you as instructor contained on the Notes to Instructor page. Please review these notes and the syllabus first.
  2. Add information about yourself to the Instructor Information page here.
    It's important for students to know how to contact you if they are having issues. Please include any information necessary for students to obtain help. Please also include a photo of yourself, as that allows students to feel more connected to you as instructor.
    (click here for instructions on how to edit a page)
    (click here for instructions on how to add an image)

  3. You can obtain your textbook by following the instructions here.
    Depending on the publisher, there are various ways to obtain your textbooks. Please follow the link above for instructions on obtaining your textbooks.
  4. Visit Assignments by clicking here and add due dates for all assignments. NOTE: It is essential for all TurnItIn assignments to have a due date.
    While the assignments themselves are set up for the course, each assignment still needs the Due Date set, as well as Available from and Until if applicable. Please do not set Available from or Until for Turnitin assignments, as doing so can prevent some students from being able to submit assignments.
    (click here for instructions on how to add due dates)
  5. Visit Pages by clicking here and edit the unit overviews and lectures. Don't forget to publish them once they're ready!
    The Overview and Lectures page in each unit is a place for you to include additional instructions, videos, supplemental materials, or any other information that you would like to communicate to your students. By default, this page is hidden from students, since not all instructors utilize it; to enable students to see the page, you will need to publish it after you're finished.
    (click here for instructions on how to edit a page)
    (click here for instructions on publishing items within Canvas)
  6. Visit Discussions by clicking here and edit the devotionals and interactive assessments; suggestions for these items can be found here.
    Any discretionary discussions must be set up by the instructor before students can reply. For courses with discretionary discussions, suggestions are provided that you can copy-paste in.
    (click here for instructions on editing devotionals and discussion boards)
  7. Add any TA or graders you may need for this course here.
    (click here for instructions on adding TAs or Graders)

  8. Review any other relevant information in the faculty resources module here.
    If there are any supplemental teacher resources - test answers, instructor manuals, etc. - they will be included in this module.
  9. Make sure any Turnitin assignments have their settings properly set; a list of Turnitin assignments in this course can be found below (if applicable). 
    Because of how Turnitin and Canvas function together, each individual Turnitin assignment requires settings changed in both Canvas and Turnitin. If an assignment's settings are not set in Turnitin, the assignment will not sync to the course and students will not be able to submit.
    For the sake of convenience, all Turnitin assignments for a course will be listed below this item.
    (click here for instructions regarding Turnitin settings)



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