Create and Upload a Canvas Test Using Respondus

1. Create a .docx .doc .txt or .rtf following Respondus formatting
    (see this guide for formatting)

2. Open Respondus and click on the “Start” tab.

3.  Click on “Import Questions”.


4.  You will receive the “Import Questions” pop-up screen.

a. Select the files type that will be imported (if your test has picture make sure to use a .docx or .doc file)

b. Click the "Browse" button and select the file you wish to upload 

 c. Next to Create a new document, named: type in the title of your quiz/test/exam

d. Click Preview

-if there are any warnings they will appear at the bottom of the window

6.  Press the “Finish” button to save this file or review your original test to fix any errors.  Once you press “Finish” you will receive a notice that the file was saved.  Click the “OK” button.

7.  Next you will Preview your file

a. Select the “Preview & Publish” tab at the top of the page.
b. Click on the “Preview” button on the side toolbar.
c. Click on the “Preview the File”.


8.  You will a preview of each question on the quiz, starting with number 1.  Scroll through each question to review all of the questions. 


8a.  If a question looks like it is formatted incorrectly, you can click on the “Modify Item” button to edit the question, answer and correct answer:


8b.  In “Modify” mode, you can update the question, answers, select the correct answer and edit the point values.  Be sure to "Save Changes" if you make any changes.


10.  Once you have reviewed the test and changes have been made, close the preview by clicking on the “Close” button.


11. In the "Settings" section of the "Settings" tab set up the test settings like you would in Canvas

12. When you are ready to publish

a. Go to the "Preview and Publish"

b. Click "Publish to Canvas"

c. Click the upwards arrow next to "Publish to Canvas"



13. If Respondus is already connected to Canvas hit next, 
Otherwise, follow the steps here to connect Respondus to Canvas.


14. Next you will select the assessment type, rename the quiz if you wish, and click next.

14. Select the course to add the exam into and then click next. When you see "Publish Completed Successfully" the exam is uploaded to Canvas and ready to use. Click "Finish" to close the window.



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