Connect Respondus to Canvas

  1. First step is to upload the Respondus Projects folder to your local C drive. The click on "File" "Preferences" in Respondus to point toward this folder.
  2. Make sure your current personality in Respondus is set to "Canvas"


2. Once you upload a file and are ready to publish,

a. Go to the "Preview and Publish"

b. Click "Publish to Canvas"

c. Click the upwards arrow next to "Publish to Canvas"



3. You will choose within the Publish Wizard "add a new server" 



4.  You will then click

a. "No, I want to enter the server settings manually"

b. "Next"


5.  Go to your Dashboard in Canvas and copy the url


6. Paste that url into the blank space in #2


7. Then:

a. hit Extract

b. name the server something you will remember (we suggest Canvas)

c. type in your user name and password for Canvas

d. check the box next to "Remember..."

e. click OK


8. Click "Next"


9. You will be taken to a sign in page. Sign in using your LETU email and password (just like you do to get into Canvas.


10. Click "Authorize" to allow Respondus to access your Canvas account



***Every time you use Respondus, you will be asked to sign into Canvas and to authorize Respondus to access your account.

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