How to Complete a Manual Sync between Connect and Canvas

NOTE: Before you can sync courses, you will need to first pair your Connect course to your Canvas course. For instructions on this process please see How to Pair a Connect Course with Canvas.

Performing a manual sync ensures that Canvas assignments that use Connect are properly connected to their related McGraw-Hill Connect assignments. This step is required for all non-trad courses at LETU, and is also necessary for any copied trad courses that previously used Connect.

1. Log into Canvas account and open the course that is paired with Connect.


2. Click McGraw-Hill Connect from the left menu.


3. Click Sync with my Connect section.


4. Verify that there are assignments listed to be synced (they will be listed under Undeployed Assignments), then scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Submit.


5. If the process worked correctly, you should receive a message that the assignments have been deployed.


6. As a final check, we recommend opening an assignment in Canvas and verifying that the link works (it should bring you to Connect).

NOTE: All due dates will be inherited from the due dates in Connect. Please do not change any due dates for Connect assignments within Canvas itself.



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