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LeTourneau University provides enterprise-level junk email filtering for all current e-mail accounts. The LETU Junk Email Filter (previously known as Antispam) is active for all student, faculty, staff, and public e-mail addresses hosted by University mail servers.

What is Junk Email?

Junk email is email that is unwanted and unsolicited. This includes:

  • Spam: Unwanted email that is primarily annoying and not harmful
  • Fraud/Scams: Email designed to separate you from your money
  • Malware: Email that is designed to compromise your computer with a virus or other tool
  • Phishing: Email designed to trick you into revealing personal information

Increasingly many junk emails may share more than one of these or other "junk" characteristics.

How our Junk EMail filter works

All email inbound to LETU email addresses is scanned before it is delivered to your inbox. This scanning is done by our current Junk Email Filter provider, Microsoft Exchange Online Protection.

The LETU Junk EMail Filter attempts to identify junk e-mails based on several common analysis techniques.

By default, if the LETU Junk Email filter recognizes an e-mail as spam, it will move that e-mail message to your Junk EMail folder in LETU Webmail or Outlook. This is similar to what you might be used to in popular email services such as Gmail.

The LETU Junk EMail Filter will:

  • Prevent most potentially harmful attachments from reaching your Inbox. This includes (but not limited to) attachments that end in .ZIP, .EXE, .SCR, .PIF and .COM.
  • Prevent many (though not all) junk emails matching Spam, Fraud, Malware, Phishing or other unwanted characteristics from being delivered to your mailbox.
  • Prevent mass e-mails from being sent off-campus via a rate limit.

It is important to note that no antispam solution can correctly identify spam 100% of the time. Sometimes the system may allow a message through that you consider spam, and other times it may hold a message as spam when it really isn't. Also, e-mails from new external e-mail addresses (somebody who hasn't sent to you before) may experience delayed delivery depending on how the external mail server is configured.

How to manage your Junk E-Mail Settings

False Negatives: How to submit spam or phishing messages not caught by the filter for analysis


False Positives: How to submit spam or phishing messages incorrectly caught by the filter for analysis


Other Information

Focused Inbox

Not seeing the email you are looking for in either your Inbox or Junk EMail? You might have a feature called "Focused Inbox" turned on.

This feature behaves like the Tabs in GMail and is something you can turn on or off.

More information on Focused Inbox

How to Disable Focused Inbox


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