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Created by Johnson, Ken, last modified by Cooper, Ethan on Sep 05, 2017

The communication methods documented at Methods for LETU-Wide Communication are the preferred primary communication methods to wide audiences at LETU.
Occasionally the nature of a communication suggests substantial benefit from also directly emailing LETU users. In these cases, the guidance below should be followed when submitting such a request:

  • Approval
    LETU-wide emails (Emails sent to all LETU students and/or all LETU Faculty/Staff) must be approved by the Dean of Students for student communication, or by relevant members of the cabinet or Chief Information Officer for other forms of communication.
  • Recipients
    The primary distribution groups available under this process are All LETU Students, All LETU Faculty/Staff, or a combination of both.
    Any messages for subsets of the above (i.e. "All Longview students, All Seniors, All Faculty, or All Staff) may require extra time to process the proper distribution list in partnership with other departments.
  • Reply Address
    If you would like replies to be directed to a specific email address, please include that in your request. Messages without a requested reply-to address will be set to not allow replies.
    Please note this will affect only the Reply-To address. All LETU-Wide emails will be sent from letu@letu.edu 
  • Subject
    Please include a suggested subject line.
    (LETU-wide emails will have “LETU: appended to the beginning of this suggested subject line)
  • Content
    LETU students, faculty and staff access email on a wide variety of devices with different resolutions and support for email media content. For this reason, LETU-wide emails should consist primarily of formatted text. Limited in-line graphics may be used where necessary to communicate the content of the message.
  • Signature
    Please include the name, title and department of the individual whose signature should appear at the bottom of the email. Please include any honorifics if you desire them to be included as part of the name portion of the signature.
  • Attachments
    Due to the large number of recipients and varying device types, attachments are not available on LETU-wide emails. Any documents referenced in LETU-wide emails should be included in the content of the message using hyperlinks to web-hosted documents.
    Departments may choose to use their own dept web sites, or they may contact University Marketing to host their document and provide a link.
  • Urgency/Distribution Date:
    If there is a specific date by which the LETU-wide email needs to be delivered, please indicate that in your request. Requests without a required date will typically be delivered within two business days.



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