How to request review for blocked web pages

LETU uses several third party providers to enhance the safety of our network:

Web Filtering

If you believe a web page is incorrectly classified, you may submit the URL at the following link:

This link is available on the redirect page when a site is blocked.

Gateway Antivirus

As a supplement to the antivirus we require to be run on each personal machine on the LETU network, we utilize technology at our gateway to the Internet as an additional scan for viruses.

If content is blocked with a notice which begins with "Gateway Anti-Virus Alert" then the content you are attempting to retrieve has failed real-time inspection for security threats.

Typically websites resolve this issue themselves in time since large numbers of businesses use the same solution we do for supplemental gateway antivirus so if you are seeing this block, many other users on the internet protected by enterprise-class antivirus solutions are likely seeing it as well.

If you would like to pursue more aggressive action by any website - you can let them know that the content (it helps to give them an exact link to what is being blocked) is being found to have malicious content. Due to the volume of web traffic and the many ways malicious code can be hidden in downloadable packages, we will not override any block flagged as a virus-infected file. It is the website provider's responsibility to ensure their content is not flagged as malicious by the major antivirus vendors.

Files blocked by GAV can be submitted for review at the following link:

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