Wireless Connection Instructions

  1. Make sure your computer and wireless network card support WPA2-Enterprise or PEAP authentication. If your device does not support WPA2-E you will need to use the unsecured connection method below.
  2. Change the name of your computer or device so that it matches your LetNet username.
  3. Be familiar with the LETU Technology Polices in the Student handbook or Faculty/Staff Policy index.
  4. Configure your network card using the following basic settings for connecting to LetNet Wireless, or choose your operating system/platform from the links below for more specific information where applicable.
  5. Use your LetNet user name and password to authenticate to establish your wireless connection.


Windows 10


Apple OS X 


Apple Devices



Recommended settings for connecting to LetNet Wireless (applicable to all operating systems and platforms)

SSID: letnet (must be all lowercase)Network Authentication: WPA2 Enterprise
Data Encryption: AES
Authentication Type: PEAP
802.1X: Enabled


Unsecured settings for devices without support for WPA2 Enterprise

For devices that are unable to connect using the secure method above, we are temporarily providing the following unsecured SSID

SSID: letnet-connect (must be all lowercase)
Password (PSK): letnet-connect
Network Authentication: WPA2
Data Encryption: AES


  • Devices on this network will be able to access the internet, but will not be able to access local LETU resources.
  • Internet bandwidth is restricted on this network. While not as fast as the letnet SSID, this network should support the traffic requirements of most devices.
  • There is no support for LETU business processes on this network. Devices owned by the university are not permitted on letnet-connect. Please contact IT for solutions if you have a business process that requires unsecured wireless.
  • letnet-connect is provided for use by LETU faculty, staff, and students only. Guests of the university need to be issued guest credentials by their sponsoring department.
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