Set up and change greetings on department or other "Main number" voicemail boxes

Our voicemail Greetings Administrator will help you change the greeting on a main department or site voicemail extension. You may contact Information Technology at if you are unsure who the contact is for your area to updated the greetings.

To access, review, or change the greeting on your department voicemail box, call its extension number and press "8" during the greeting. This will connect you to the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator which will ask you for your ID , followed by the pound key (#).  Your ID is your personal four-digit extension.

Then you will be prompted to enter your PIN ( if you need help updating your PIN follow this link: Reset Voicemail PIN/Password).

Finally the Greetings Administrator will ask you for the extension of the call handler, which is the four digit extension of the voicemail box you are changing.

Follow the prompts to toggle the greeting from Standard to Alternate and vice versa. You will also have the options to record new Standard, Alternate, and other greetings. For holidays and other short events you will only want to change the Alternate greeting and enable it, thus, you will not have to re-record the Standard greeting after every occurrence.



Changing the greeting for 4000 and your extension is 4009:

1. Dial *4000

2. During greeting press 8

3. Enter your ID followed by the # key. Your ID is your extension. Ex. 4009#

4. Enter your PIN followed by the # key. This is the password for your voicemail box.

5. Again, enter the extension of the Call Handler followed by the # key. This would be the extension you are changing. Ex. 4000#

6. Follow prompt to make changes to the greetings.


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