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In the course of student work or employment, users at LETU may encounter unwanted electronic or voice communications. The following are options for working with different types of unwanted communication.

Harassing or Illegal:

  • If the communication is of a harassing or illegal nature, the communication in question should be immediately reported to University Police at 903-233-4444 or UniversityPolice@letu.edu
  • Users may choose to add the sender of any harassing email to their LETU email blocklist (Instructions


  • You may add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry to prevent calls from legal telemarketers.
  • Note that this will not prevent the receipt of calls from Robocallers, Caller ID spoofing technology, and all those who do not respect US law. The FCC has a separate industry initiative working to reduce the prevalence of these calls.
  • LETU's phone providers do not currently provide individual ability to block incoming calling numbers beyond the Do Not Call Registry option above except in coordination with law enforcement related to cases of criminal harassment or other legal complaints filed with law enforcement agencies.


  • LETU utilizes several systems designed to provide as much reduction as possible in unwanted email spam reaching University systems.
  • Unfortunately, though these systems include one of the largest email security and abuse analysis networks in the world (Microsoft's Office 365 service) it is not possible to prevent all unwanted emails from reaching inboxes.

    What Can You Do?
  • If you are receiving spam that is not being caught - you may:
    • report it to Microsoft to help train their systems (Instructions)
    • or you may simply delete it if you prefer.
  • Review subject lines and the contents of one or two line message previews in determining whether to fully open email messages.
  • If the message looks suspicious or objectionable the message should be deleted (and optionally reported as detailed above).
  • If you are receiving offensive spam you may also choose to disable your reading pane to avoid messages being displayed before you can analyze the subject or preview lines for appropriate content.


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