ID Card Door Access Instructions with dnaFusion

Steps for adding or removing door access to student ID cards.

  1. Log into the LETU terminal server,, with your Letnet username and password. For Remote Desktop instructions:


  2. Launch dnaFusion and log in with your Letnet username (LETNET\username) and password.                     

  3. Open the Personnel Browser from the ribbon icon "Personnel". Then expand the "All Cardholders" group.


  4. Search for students by scrolling or immediately typing the last name, then double click the name or right-click and choose Properties.

  5.  Chose the "Card" tab for the student's record, then right-click the Access Levels group and chose "Add/Remove/Modify Access". You can also Manage User Groups for the student from the Employee Info tab.

    * See step 8 to add students directly to existing Personnel Groups with predefined access levels. 
  6. Then chose the appropriate level in the Assigned column and click "OK". This will be a  if granting access and a  if removing access.


  7. Update the student card by right-clicking within the card tab and choose "Update". You may then close that student record and continue adding access to other students with the same process.  


  8. Alternatively to adding students to Access Levels, they can be added to existing Personnel  Groups.

    1. Right-click on the student's name in the Personnel window, and choose "Add User to Group".

    2. Or, choose an existing Group on the Personnel window, right-click and "Add Cardholder to Group".

  9. Close dnaFusion and log out of RDS.

 \\letnet\fs\departments\IT\NetworkServices\Reference\AccessControl\ID Card Door Access


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