Install Respondus

Respondus is a program that can be installed and utilized by any LETU faculty.

Respondus installation instructions are available in the Faculty Orientation and Resources course, which can be found in this TFO Canvas Course here ( Depending on your access, you may need LETU's IT Department to help you set up Respondus on a school computer. The information in the course is also just below the line.

NOTE: Respondus is not available for Mac.



Here's what is in the Canvas Course:

Please click below to download the Respondus installer:

Respondus4Campus-v409-04.exeDownload Respondus4Campus-v409-04.exe

This needs to be installed by someone with adm privileges such as IT if you are on campus.

This is the information that it may ask during the setup process:

Institution Name LeTourneau University  
Local Support Contact(s) Monti Channon

Installation Password:    


(Password valid through the end of: July 2024)


Steps to Take After Installing Respondus

Additional Respondus Help Pages

Once you've installed Respondus on your machine, please visit Steps to Take After Installing Respondus.


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