Is it Legit? (Common email and web addresses used in LETU communications)

With increasing attempts by cybercrooks to compromise your data, phishing emails are a common source of both risk and confusion.

It used to be easy to remember "if the link doesn't go to <server> don't click on it." We try to have as many services hosted at as possible for this reason. But these days that is not always possible.

The goal of this document is to help our community be aware of trusted web addresses for LETU services that may be used in legitimate LETU emails. You should always be most cautious checking links that do not end in ""

Note: Are you sending email to the LETU Community? Follow the guidance in Best Practices for Hyperlinks in Internal LETU Email Communications


Commonly used official LETU services hosted at NON-LETU addresses:


Address (typically begins with https://)

IT Service Desk (Email Notices)
(Emails from the IT Service Desk come from this address)
Cybersecurity Training
LETU OneDrive
LETU Sharepoint
LETU Teams
Concur Expense & Invoice
Health Insurance *
.dotdigital (Marketing and other Bulk Emails)
LETU Primary Website (Authoring System)
Marketing and other video communications

Commonly used LETU services hosted at LETU.EDU addresses:


Address (typically begins with https://)

IT Service Desk
LETU Primary Website
Voicemail <sender>
LETU Survey System


  1. Be careful to check that addresses match the above - cybercrooks like to switch one letter to try to fool us):
  2. A "*" before an address means there may be more than one word used to begin the address, like or
  3. When in doubt, Contact the "Sender" of the email through a method not described in the email (ie if an email claims a department is asking you to take a survey or complete an online form, check to see if you recognize the address as legitamte in the list below. If you have any uncertainty, contact the department to see if the email is a legitimate request.
  4. You can see the real address under an email link by hovering over the link to see the Original URL as below:


For additional information on identifying emails from outside LETU, check out the How do I know if an email was sent from outside LETU? article in the Related Articles section on the right side of this article.


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