LimeSurvey - Are You Returning Survey Setup for RTT

Setting Up the Survey

  1. Find last year's survey in the survey list (This step is to verify which survey you want to copy in step 2)

  2. Click on the Create a Survey button
    then click on the Copy tab and select the survey that you found above:
    you can search by typing into the box as shown below
  3. Once the survey is created, go to 'Settings' on the left and click 'Notifications & Data':
    1. Make sure that the DateStamp is set to Yes, and make sure basic and detailed notifications are blank (Otherwise you will get 2 emails for every student submission)
    2. Under 'Publication & access' on the left set the Start and Expiry Date and time to appropriate values

There are several other settings that can be modified but these are the most important in order to ensure that the survey results can most easily import into the RTT tool.

Preparing for Import


Before continuing it's very important to change all references from the former semester to the reflect the current semester such as

  • Emails (Invitation and Confirmation)
  • Questions
  1. Before you upload the survey participants, make sure to add the appropriate attribute fields (i.e. Student ID, Advisor Name, etc) if they do not already exist:
    1. Click on 'Survey Participants' on the left
    2. Switch to closed-access mode
    3. The next screen will prompt you to continue. Click continue.
      1. Click on the 'Manage Attributes' at the top
      2. Enter the Field Description name and decide if it needs to be Mandatory, and hit Save
      3. Do this for each of the additional fields you will have (except firstname, lastname, email).
      4. When you are done click 'Save' and at the top right click 'Close' to go back

Importing the Survey

When prepping your CSV to be imported into Lime, make sure that your headings match EXACTLY what is needed by the system, e.g. firstname, lastname, email. 

If the headers do not match exactly, the survey will not send out.


Whatever you decided for each attribute needs to be labeled appropriately in the CSV. 

Example: if you called attribute_1 "StudentID" in the setup, the header for the Student ID column in the CSV needs to be labeled attribute_1.

The student ID is required for the RTT system.  Please ensure that the student ID for each student is included in the CSV and that the header is labeled with the appropriate "attribute_" label.

  1. To upload the file to Lime:
    1. Click the 3 dots next to 'Add' and select CSV file
    2. On the following page, click "Browse" to select the file you created on your machine.  All of the rest of the settings can remain as their default.  Finanlly, click "Upload":
    3. The next screen will display how many tokens/participants were uploaded, how many were excluded and for what reason and if there were any duplicates in the file.
  2. Once the file upload is complete, verify that at least the First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Student ID are populated {names and addresses obfuscated for privacy}:
  3. Once you have verified that the tokens look correct, click on the 'Generate access codes' icon.  This will generate a unique key for each participant:
  4. The following message will pop up.  Click "Yes":

We strongly suggest sending a test email to yourself so you can view the email and the survey from the student's perspective to make sure that all of the dates have been corrected and everything is operating as expected.

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