Request New Network Jack Install


Use this service to request new network cabling in locations that do not currently have it.


LETU-owned computers should be directly connected to an in-wall network jack whenever possible. New network jacks can be requested for most buildings on campus. Certain locations require additional costs due to building construction.

  • A standard in-wall installation includes two cables to a single location (a duplex receptacle).
  • Up to four network cables can be placed in a single duplex receptacle.

Service Level Agreement

The time to install new network jacks is dependent on the location, the difficulty of installation, quantity, urgency, and impact to LETU.


Standard in-wall installation (two network jacks): $300/location.

Non-standard installation: We will provide special pricing for any network cabling that requires resources above and beyond a standard installation. Ex. outside cabling.

Network port activation: $150/port

Request Installation


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