Services A-Z (148)


Academic Catalog (Acalog)

Add form to DF-to-eBridge process

Annual Reauthorization Survey: Question/Concern

Athletic Reporting Tool: Report an issue


BuzzCare (TimelyMD): Report an issue


Campus Jobs: Report an issue

CBORD/OdysseyPCS: Report an issue

Change Cell Service Plan

Change File Share Quota

Change TV Service

Change Virtual Server Configuration

Chapel Administrative System: Report an issue

Chapel Administrative System: Request access

Chapel Attendance: Report an issue

Chapel Card Reader: Report an issue

Chapel Card Reader: Request access

Clone Virtual Server

CMAP: Report an issue

Cognos Impromptu: Report an issue

Cognos Web/Cognos Analytics: Modification request

Cognos Web/Cognos Analytics: Report an issue

Cognos Web/Cognos Analytics: Request access

Cognos Web/Cognos Analytics: Request training

Concur: Report an issue (for faculty/staff)

Copy/Move Files

Course Copy

Course Merge


Create New Directory

Create New Microsoft Team

Create SharePoint Site

Custom Email Address

CX: Report an issue

CX: Request access

CX: Request modification/change


Department Greeting and Call Tree Setup

DNS Entry Change

Door Access Control Configuration Change

DotDigital (for staff): Report an issue (for students)

Duplicate IDs Merge Request

Dynamic Forms: Modification to live form

Dynamic Forms: Report an issue

Dynamic Forms: Request access

Dynamic Forms: Request consultation

Dynamic Forms: Request Form Designer training


eBridge: Report an issue

eBridge: Request access

ECCS (Emergency Campus Communication System) (faculty/staff)

ECCS (Emergency Campus Communication System) (students)

Electronic Transcript Request (National Student Clearinghouse): Report an issue

EMS: Report an issue

Engagement Tracking: Report an issue

Equipment Rental

Extension and Desk Phone Configuration


Formstack: Report an issue


GEARS Database: Report an issue

Graduating Senior Email Forwarding Request


Handshake: Report an issue (for students)

Help with Canvas

Help with Canvas


IDWorks: Report an issue

International Calling Code


JX SEM: Report an issue

JX SEM: Report an issue with acceptance emails

JX SEM: Request access


LetNet Account Information Change

LetNet Account Password Reset

LETU Buzz App (Oohlala): Report an issue

LimeSurvey: Report an issue

LimeSurvey: Request Access

LimeSurvey: Request consultation

LUSA: Report an issue


Maxient: Report an issue

Meet-Me Number

Multi-factor Authenticator (MFA) Reset

myLETU: Modification to existing portlet or page

myLETU: Report an issue

myLETU: Request access to student grades


Nelnet: Report an issue (for staff)

Nelnet: Report an issue (for students)

New Cell Service or Upgrade Device

New Hire IT Needs

New Special LetNet Account

New Student - Unable to Access Account

New TV Service

New Virtual Server


OCLC WMS: Report an issue


Panopto Issue(s)

POGO/Possibles: Report an issue

Projector needs new bulb

Purchase Desk Phone

Purchase Domain Name

Purchase/Renew TLS Certificate


Raiser's Edge

Refund Request System: Report an issue

Report a Network Security Issue

Report a Network, Account, Security, or Phone Problem

Report an Issue with a PC or Laptop

Report an issue with an Access Database

Report an Issue with Classroom or Lab Technology

Report an Issue With Microsoft Office Products

Report an Issue With Printing

ReportExec: Report an issue

Reporting Services: Modification request

Reporting Services: Report an issue

Reporting Services: Request access

Request a Quote for a Technology Purchase

Request Analysis of Inbound/Outbound Email Traffic

Request Custom Report

Request DM_Finance Refresh

Request LetNet Account Permissions

Request Local Admin Rights

Request Network Port Activation

Request Network Port Move

Request New Network Jack Install

Request Remote Office Setup

Request To Move Office Technology

Respondus Quiz Issue(s)

Restore Files

Restore Virtual Server

Returner Tracking Tool: Report an issue


Starfish: Report an issue (for faculty/staff)

Starfish: Report an issue (for students)

StarRez: Report an issue (for staff)

StarRez: Report an issue (for students)

StarRez: Request access

Student Data Tool: Report an issue

Student Data Tool: Request access

Student Success System: Report an issue

Submit Profile Photo


Talon: Report an issue

Terminate or Transfer-Out a wireless number

Titanium Schedule: Report an issue

Tree of Life: Report an issue

Turnitin Issue(s)

Tutortrac: Report an issue


Vehicle Tracking Program: Report an issue


Weave: Report an issue