Purchase/Renew TLS Certificate


Use this service to request the purchase or renewal of a TLS certificate for a server or other service.


TLS security certificates are required for all public and private websites at LETU.


  1. Submit a certificate signing request (CSR) with the following attributes:
    • 2048-bit RSA key
    • Base-64 encoding
    • CN (common name): Fully-qualified domain name of the server/service
      (eg. my.letu.edu)
    • OU (organizational unit): Information Technology
    • O (organization): LeTourneau University
    • L (locality): Longview
    • S (state): Texas
    • C (country): US
    • EMAIL (email): letnet@letu.edu
  2. We will submit the CSR to the proper certificate authority (CA).
  3. We will deliver the issued certificate along with all intermediate and root certificates or work with the appropriate entity to install the certificate.

Service Level Agreement

One the certificate request has been approved, we will deliver the certificate within 10 business days.


Public domain names (letu.edu, etc.)

Servers/service with automated renewal capabilities: Free. If we are able to automate the renewal of a certificate, then there is no cost for certificates.

Servers/services without automated renewal capabilities: ~$60/year

letnet.net domain names


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