New Virtual Server


Use this service to request the creation of a new virtual server.


Virtual servers are used to provide services to the LETU campus community. Some important points to consider when requesting server services include:


Some services are generally available and others are only made available to certain members of the community. Determining who your service is for is a key part of the process.


  • Server services are an ongoing cost and cannot be treated like a one-time cost.
  • Budget for a monthly or annual cost for any new service.
  • Costs may not be predictable due to the complexity involved in calculating how many people might use a service within a certain time period.
  • Support costs can be extra. IT requires that services are covered by adequate support.


  • Depending on the server or the service being provided, IT may or may not be a primary support contact.
  • There may be different support levels available at different prince points.
  • It's important to consider how critical a service is compared the cost of support.

Requesting a new server can involve a significant resource commitment from IT and may require a project request.

Service Level Agreement

Virtual servers hosted by LETU will be created within fifteen business days after the request is approved.

Virtual servers to be hosted on external cloud resources have no Service Level Agreement.


Virtual servers hosted by LETU are billed out annually based on resources used. Virtual servers or services hosted on external cloud resources may be billed monthly based on resources used. We will provide cost information after the request is made.

Request New Virtual Server


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