Restore Virtual Server


Use this service to request the restoration of a server from a backup or snapshot


IT maintains regular backups of virtual servers hosted on LETU's cloud infrastructure. These backups save the virtual server in the exact state it was at the time of the backup. We are able to restore from these backups in emergency situations. These restorations are generally a last-resort option.

In addition, virtual server owners are able to take snapshots of virtual servers. These snapshots can be used to roll a virtual server back to a specific state if changes or updates are unsuccessful, or if a server enters an undesirable or unrecoverable state. If you do not have access to manage snapshots, use this service to request your server be restored to a specific snapshot.

Service Level Agreement



Free, unless restoration consumes significant resources for an extended period of time.

Request virtual server restoration


Service ID: 47079
Wed 11/4/20 1:45 PM
Fri 12/18/20 4:48 PM