Report a Network, Account, Security, or Phone Problem

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Use this service when you're having a problem with a server, service, or device that falls into one of the following categories:

  • Digital signage
  • File Services
  • Google G-Suite
  • Internet
  • IP Phones services
  • LetNet Accounts
  • Microsoft M365
  • Mobile phone services (LETU owned)
  • Network connectivity (wireless or wired)
  • Network infrastructure (copper or fiber optic cable)
  • Network hardware (LETU owned)
  • Network security
  • Remote access (RDS)
  • Security Cameras
  • Server backups
  • Server services
  • Voicemail

We are unable to assist with the LETU website. If you are having a problem with, please contact University Marketing.



If you're experiencing a problem with one of the services listed above, please use this service to request assistance. We are happy to help resolve any problem you are experiencing.

If you've looked through the service catalog and haven't located a service that you know we offer.​​​​​​, please use this service to let us know.

If you do not need to report a problem or do not need help troubleshooting something but need to request a service, please consult the Information Technology Service Catalog for a list of services we provide.

Service Level Agreement



While most troubleshooting does not incur a cost, that can depend on the solution to the problem. If there are costs associated with this request, those will be communicated to you as we work to resolve the reported problem.

Report A Problem


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