All current faculty members at LeTourneau University have access to the Panopto video platform. Panopto is an easy way to record and share videos with your students, and it’s completely integrated into Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS). For a brief overview of Panopto visit Panopto for Education.

For a PowerPoint presentation that covers all the essential elements of Panopto, please see the Panopto Training.pptx attached to this page.

Panopto Recorder

If you are interested in using Panopto you’ll first need the Panopto Recorder.

Mac users: note that the Panopto Recorder looks and functions a bit differently for Mac. For help with the Panopto Recorder on Mac, please visit

Panopto Website

The Panopto website is the place where all recorded Panopto videos are viewed, stored, edited, and managed. To access the Panopto website visit and log in using your LETU credentials (be sure to select “Canvas” from the drop-down, not Panopto).

Editing a Panopto Video

The newly-revised Panopto Video Editor allows you to rename, trim, and/or focus individual streams for your recorded Panopto video. Please visit the following Panopto sites for more information:

Manually Uploading a Video to Panopto

Panopto also allows users with create access to manually upload videos to its server. Doing so allows instructors to easily insert the housed video into Canvas using the directions below. For instructions on manually uploading videos visit How to Manually Upload a Video to Panopto.

Adding Panopto to Canvas

Because Panopto is fully integrated into Canvas, it’s easy to add a video to your Canvas course. For instructions on this process please visit Adding a Panopto Video to a Canvas Page.

Share a Direct Link to Your Panopto Video

To share a video directly, click the video’s Share button (either on the video's website or in the Panopto Recorder under the "Manage Recordings" tab) then copy the provided link that’s displayed.

  • Important: Be sure that Who has access displays “Anyone at your organization,” or your students will not be able to view the video!

Download a Panopto Video

Although Panopto is not really designed to allow downloads, it does allow the functionality for those that need to do so. For instructions on this process please see How to Download Video or Audio Streams as MP4s

Panopto and Google Chrome Incognito

Chrome recently made a change where Chrome's Incognito window by default will block Third Party Cookies. This was to keep things even more anonymous in the Incognito mode. Unfortunately this does result in embedded Panopto videos and the Panopto button in Canvas not functioning. You can change this by going to Chrome settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data > change the cookie settings.

Further Support

For more support with Panopto and the Panopto Recorder please see the child pages located to the left of this screen. If you have any questions or issues with Panopto please don’t hesitate to contact us at 903-233-4070 or at


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