Student Canvas Startup Guide

Canvas Student Quickstart Guide

If you are new to Canvas, we recommend starting with the Canvas Student Quickstart Guide.

Video-Based Training Available

Video-based training is available for the canvas topics below as well - click here to begin.

Startup Guide

  1.   Signing into Canvas
    • Click on the following link to access Canvas -
    • Use your LeTourneau credentials to sign-in. Signing into Canvas requires your username to be your full email address (ex:
  2. Logging out of Canvas
    • Click on Account>Log Out
  3. Navigating through Canvas (left toolbar)
    • Account  – Set up Profile Picture, Ways to Contact and Notifications
    • Dashboard  – Landing page when you log in. Provides Access/Updates to Favorited Courses. The Dashboard also includes a sidebar, which helps show upcoming events in your courses. To open a course, click the name of the course listed in blue text.
    • Courses  – All Courses are courses that are part of the current semester. Courses that are available to you are listed in blue text. To open a course, click the name of the course. If you are enrolled in groups, the MyGroups section will appear and display any groups within your current courses.
    • Calendar  – The Calendar is a communication tool that shows users all events and assignments in their courses and groups.
    • Inbox  – Inbox is a messaging tool used to communicate with a course, a group, an individual student, or a group of students.
    • Help Menu  - Helps users get help in Canvas at any time.
  4. Navigating a Course in Canvas (left side toolbar within course)
    • Course Home Page  - The Course Home Page is the first page you see in a course. Contains links to areas within the course and outside of Canvas.
    • Syllabus  – Location for the course description, course overview, weighted assignment groups, rubrics, class policies, and required texts.
    • Announcements  – Location where instructors will post announcements
    • Modules  – Location of Units where activities, assignments, discussions, quizzes/exams are located. Course Resources are also located in Modules.
    • People  - List of the users enrolled in the course.
    • Grades  - Displays all grades for all course assignments. You can also view scoring details, comments, and rubrics.
  5. How To Guides
  6. Supported Devices and Browsers
  7. Canvas Support
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