Getting Your Textbook

There are several ways to get a copy of your textbook as faculty:

1. Use VitalSource (formerly CourseSmart)  to obtain an  electronic copy of the textbook at the following URL: VitalSource has opted to no longer integrate the product with learning management systems (LMS) so electronic books can no longer be accessed via the LMS. Do note that you'll need to create an account the first time you log into VitalSource.
2. Contact the Publishing Company to request a desk copy. Contact information for the publisher representatives can be found on the different publisher websites.

3. Contact the academic secretary or coordinator of the college or school for assistance.


School or College

Administrative Assistant

Education, Psychology & Counseling, Arts & Sciences, Theology & Vocation, Business, Kinesiology, Computer Science

Monti Channon (

Aviation and Aeronautical Science

Contact Program Chair


Martha Steed (

Dual Credit Tessa Stinnett (


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