How to Deploy a Connect Assignment into Canvas

NOTE: Before you can sync courses, you will need to first pair your Connect course to your Canvas course. For instructions on this process please see How to Pair a Connect Course with Canvas.

Deploying inserts your Connect Assignments into the paired Connect course. Once deployed, the assignments will appear on the Assignments page, accessible from the Assignments link on the left side menu of your Canvas course.

1. Locate and select a Connect assignment (via the Connect course home page). 

Connect can be accessed at


2: Locate and click on the Deploy / Manage option


3: You will taken to the deploy options page.

3a. Decide which grade type to send (best, last or average) for the assignments. 

Please Note: The ability to send the best, last or average grade applies only to assignments which allow students to complete multiple attempts. For assignments with only one attempt, the grade for that one submission will be sent.

3b. Decide whether you would like to deploy your assignments in bulk... 

...or make individual selections for each of the selected assignments for deployment.

  3c. Once you've set your deployment options, click Deploy.

4. Click Ok.


5. Once a Connect assignment has been successfully deployed, a deploy icon will appear to the right of each assignment (as shown in the below image).

Please note: If a deployed icon does not appear, refresh the browser via Connect; this should help address the issue.


Step 5a. A deployed Connect assignment link will appear via Canvas under Assignments.

From here, you can move the assignment to a different assignment group, add the assignment to the Modules page, and/or link to the assignment in the Syllabus.

NOTE: All due dates will be inherited from the due dates in Connect. Please do not change any due dates for Connect assignments within Canvas itself.


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