How to Pair a Connect Course with Canvas

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NOTE: These instructions assume that you already have a Connect course ready to be paired with a Canvas course. Please visit McGraw-Hill Connect for help with creating and/or copying Connect courses. 

Pairing a Connect Course with Canvas establishes a link between the two, allowing them to communicate with one another. Typically this is the first of two steps required to connect Canvas with Connect. See Step #10 below for the second of these steps.

Important: If you are planning on merging courses, that process will need to be completed before pairing your Connect and Canvas courses. Merging a course that has been paired will break the pair and result in unlinkable assignments!

1. Log into Canvas at using your LETU credentials, then open your Canvas course.


2. Click McGraw-Hill Connect from the left menu.

NOTE: If McGraw-Hill Connect is not visible in the left menu, you will need to enable it for the Navigation Menu from the course Settings page (at the bottom of the left menu).
For instructions on how to do this please see How do I manage Course Navigation links?


3. Click on Authorize (prompted upon first launch).


4. Click on Begin.


5. Click Continue.


6. Enter your Connect email address (username) and password, then click Sign In. 


7. Select "A section in an existing Connect course," then locate and select your Connect course.

NOTE: It is also possible to create a new Connect course from this step.


8. Select the course section, then click Save.

NOTE: You can add a new section for existing Connect courses here.

Important: Be sure not to connect an old Connect course with another new Canvas course! Each Connect course should only be used for a single Canvas course session.


9. Your Canvas-Connect course has been paired. 


10. Your next steps depend on your course situation.

If you are teaching a trad course, you will next need to deploy your Connect assignments into Canvas. 

Deploying assignments automatically adds the assignments from Connect to your Canvas Assignments page, from which point you can then add them to your Modules page and/or Syllabus page.

For instructions on this process see How to Deploy a Connect Assignment into Canvas.

If you are teaching a non-trad course, you will next need to manually sync your Connect and Canvas courses.

Manually syncing your Connect and Canvas courses makes sure that the existing links in your Canvas course (which were copied over from the nontrad course master) are updated to connect to your new Connect course's assignments.

For instructions on this process see How to Complete a Manual Sync between Connect and Canvas.


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