Shared Mailboxes: Requesting / Accessing Former Employee Mailboxes in Outlook

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Occasionally, employee mailboxes may need to be temporarily retained and accessed after their owner is no longer employed at LETU.

In these situations, the former employee's supervisor, director or cabinet member must request access to the old mailbox within 30 days of employee separation via with the following information:

  • Email Address of former employee whose mailbox is to be temporarily preserved
  • Email address(es) of employee(s) who should have access to the previous mailbox
  • Length of time to provide access (requests for longer than 90 days should include details of the circumstances requiring longer access to the mailbox)

Upon the request above, the former employee's mailbox will be converted to a Shared Mailbox accessible by those authorized for access to facilitate the transition process to another employee.
If conversion to a shared mailbox is not requested, former employee mailboxes are removed completely within 30 days of separation.


How to access Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes requested via the process above may be accessed using the instructions below until the time authorized for transition access has expired.

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