Connecting Your Device to Internet


IT KnowledgeBase : Connecting Your Device to Internet

Here are various links on how to set up your device to our wireless:

If you're having trouble getting connected and you have McAfee or Norton Antivirus, you should uninstall that program. Those antivirus programs have issues with our internet, so removing them should fix the issue. Our Network also does not promote accountability programs such as Covenant Eyes so if you are having trouble connecting, you may have to disable it to connect to the Internet. 

If you get an NAT connection error with your Xbox, here is a link to an article that deals with that error.

Please keep in mind that your gaming console will need to be wired to the internet rather than connected via Wi-Fi.

 The dorm rooms all have data ports so that you can have wired internet as well. Here is a link with information about the ports.


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