• See your department head or administrative assistant for faxing information.
  • Not all departments have requested a fax number.
  • The Library provides faxing capabilities for all faculty and staff.

Faxing Plans

  • Inbound Only Faxing Number              $5 /mon     Unlimited sheets

  • Inbound/Outbound Faxing Number    $10 /mon     500 sheets per month ($0.07 per additional)

Receiving Faxes

  • All received faxes are converted to a PDF file and attached to an email that is delivered to your department's public folder:

    e.g.  All Public Folders> FacultyStaff> BusinessandAdministration> Common> FAX-4101

           Click here for Public Folder Instructions

  • Generally, all faculty/staff in your department have access to this folder.


Receiving Fax Example

Sending Faxes

Standard Email-to-Fax

  • Attach a file to an email (see Supported File Attachments below)
  • Send it TO <10-digit-number>@fax.vonage.com  (e.g. 9034445555@fax.vonage.com)
  • Send it FROM the department public folder email address (e.g. fax-4101@letu.edu)
  • The system will combine multiple attachments into one fax.
  • The text you type into the subject and body of your email will be used to create a cover sheet for the fax.

Secure Fax Machine

  • If your fax contains Restricted or Confidential Data (e.g. SS#), use a Secure Fax Machine.
  • Scan and email your document TO <10-digit-number>@fax.vonage.com
  • The confirmation page will be sent via email to the department fax public folder.
  • The Library provides a Secure Fax Machine if your department has not requested it.


Supported 'Email-to-Fax' File Attachments

Sending 'Email-to-Fax' Example

Note: Vonage Business provides our faxing service.


Trouble Sending "From"

  • Open a New Email: click the "From" button and chose "Other Email Address", then select the "From" button again and search the Global Address Book for the fax email address. e.g. FAX-4101
  • If after the above you have issues using the "From" recently used addresses, sync the Offline Global Address List:


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