Submit Profile Photo


Use this service to submit a user profile photo. This photo is used in systems like email, Microsoft 365 and


A number of systems, including email, Teams, and display photos of each user. These photos are not visible outside of LETU systems.

In order of priority, photos are sourced from the following:

  1. ID Card Photos
  2. University Marketing
  3. User submitted

This service is used to update photos for students/faculty/staff who do not have an ID card photo or would like a more professional photo through University Marketing. If you are unable to get a picture through having your picture taken for your ID Card or through University Marketing, then you may submit a photo using this service.

** Your photo should be framed so that you are directly facing the camera and your face and shoulders should be visible at the bottom of the photo. Other types of photos will not be accepted. Square photos are ideal. **

Service Level Agreement

Your photo will be uploaded within ten (10) business days. Depending on the sync schedule of a system, the photo may take longer to appear in all systems.



Submit Profile Picture


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