New Cell Service or Upgrade Device


Use this service to:

  • Add new service to the LETU account through a new wireless number and device
  • Upgrade an existing LETU cell phone, MIFI, or other cellular devices.


To request a cell phone, MIFI, or other cellular device, download the Cellular Approval Form (ApprovalForm-Cellular) linked in the lower right of this page. Make sure that all fields are complete and the appropriate signatures have been obtained before submitting the form.

Once the form is completed and submitted, we will purchase the selected device and send it to you.

  • It is your responsibility to backup the data on your old device. Please make sure you have a valid backup before ordering a new device.
  • It is your responsibility to transfer data from your old device to your new one.

Service Level Agreement

None. Equipment delivery times vary based on supply and time of purchase.


All cellular devices have a monthly fee. These fees are listed on the Cellular Approval Form.

Submit Cellular Approval Form


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Fri 11/6/20 1:52 PM
Fri 3/3/23 12:25 PM