Requests related to cell phones, MIFIs, IP Phones, and voicemail.

Categories (1)

Cell Phones / MiFis

Request a cell phone, MIFI, or other cellular device on a permanent or temporary basis.

Services (8)

Extension and Desk Phone Configuration

Request a Desk Phone configuration change.

Purchase Desk Phone

Purchase a desk phone for an office, conference room, or public area.

Department Greeting and Call Tree Setup

Request department Greetings and Call Tree setup within the LETU's voicemail system

Meet-Me Number

Request a Meet-Me Number for audio conferencing.

International Calling Code

Request a calling code in order to make international calls.

Equipment Rental

Rent equipment from IT.

Request LetNet Account Permissions

Request the addition or removal of permissions from a LetNet account.

Report a Network, Account, Security, or Phone Problem

Request help with select network, account and server services.