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Can I have my @letu.edu email account forwarded to another address?

To help safeguard the security and privacy of your LETU account information and educational data, automatic email forwarding is restricted for students, faculty and staff. This does not restrict the ability of account holders to manually forward individual messages as necessary.

LETU-configured Transition Forwarding is available to recent graduates to assist with the transition to a personal email address for a limited time after graduation. Please see Transition Forwarding for Graduates for more information


Why is auto-forwarding risky?

LETU does not support the use of auto-forwarding setup directly by account holders because of the growing risks presented by auto-forwarding settings if misconfigured, or abused during account compromises.

As an example, email forwarding rules are often established by attackers as a way of preserving covert access to compromised email accounts. Even after the user has re-secured their account by changing their password or adding multi-factor authentication, rules setup during the compromise - if not detected and removed - pose a privacy or security risk.

Emerging data privacy and security standards recommend that organizations assist their users in mitigating this risk by blocking emails that appear to be auto-forwarded from inside the organization to outside addresses. LETU follows this security guidance.


How can I easily check multiple email addresses?

If you wish to to easily check multiple email addresses (i.e. LETU email and a personal email) we encourage you to use an app supporting modern authentication methods that allows checking multiple email accounts from one place, such as the Outlook App (Android | iOS).

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