Remote Offices


This article describes the technology requirements and resources available for remote offices, as well as how to request one.


For information on working remotely temporarily in response to a major regional or campus incident please consult Remote Work (Temporary Needs)


Definition of Remote Office

A remote office occurs when an employee's position requires them to do their work from a fixed, off-campus location but also requires them to have access to resources that are normally only accessible on-campus.

  • A remote office must meet the requirements listed below.
  • A remote office serves LETU employees with the Resources Available listed below.

Requirements for Remote Offices

NOTE: All remote office deployments require specific equipment and configurations.

  • On-campus phones are not permitted to be moved off-campus.
  • Desktops and laptops must be approved and configured by Information Technology before being used in a remote office environment.
Description One-time Cost Annual Cost
LETU-provided IP Phone w/camera $425 $75

LETU-provided computer (desktop/laptop)

~$900+ -

LETU-provided webcam (Logitech c930e or laptop-integrated)

$130 -

LETU-provided Gigabit PoE network switch+cabling

$95 -

Microsoft Teams

- -
Broadband Internet connection (10Mbps down, 1Mbps up) - -


Resources Available

IP Phone

A remote office IP Phone provides a similar experience to an on-campus phone (4-digit dialing). Note: E911 services are not available at remote office locations.

Pricing for IP Phones for remote offices is detailed under Remote IP Phone Service in the IT Equipment Purchase Charges and Rental Rates article.

My Documents, File Services (\\\fs) and Applications

My Documents, file services, as well as access to select applications is supported through the campus Remote Desktop server TS1.LETU.EDU.

Optional Technology at Discretion of Employee Department

Upon request of the department for a business related need, the department for which the employee works may choose to fund an LETU-owned printer for the employee's remote office. The printer would meet all LETU IT requirements to ensure it's a supported model that integrates well into the existing infrastructure. The printer would be a hardwired laser printer with appropriately rated duty cycle to be used within the Data Classification Policy (no printing of sensitive information). The hardware would be shipped to the remote employee with the expectation that the employee could connect everything themselves. 

Requesting a Remote Office 

To ensure a reliable remote office deployment, the following information must be provided at

  • The name of the employee
  • The date that the remote office is planned to be operational
  • The name of the employee's internet provider
  • The results of a speed test from
  • The physical address of the remote office or location where equipment should be shipped
  • A list of resources the employee will need at their remote office and whether new devices need purchased
  • Appropriate budget number

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