McGraw Hill Connect

The following are resources and guides related to the usage of McGraw-Hill Connect with Canvas.


McGraw-Hill Connect Student Registration Guide

  • This guide walks students through the process required to register for McGraw-Hill Connect via their Canvas course.



Step 1: Create / copy the Connect course.

Connect Success Academy

This page, managed by McGraw-Hill, contains all the information you'll need to create and use McGraw-Hill Connect as an instructor. This is where you'll want to start if you're building a Connect course from scratch.

How to Reuse Your Connect Course for Another Term

Once you've created a course in Connect, you can reuse it for future sessions by duplicating that first course. These instructions by McGraw-Hill outline how exactly that process works.

IMPORTANT: Be sure not to connect an old Connect course with another new Canvas course! Each Connect course should only be used for a single Canvas course session.

How to Copy a Connect Section to a Colleague

This document covers how to share a Connect course with another instructor, so that they can use that content in their Canvas course.


Step 2: Pair (ie. connect) your Connect Course with your Canvas course.

How to Pair a Connect Course with Canvas

In order for Connect to work with Canvas, the two first need to be "paired," aka connected to one another . This document describes that process. Note that you will need to have created your Connect Course before pairing it with Canvas.

IMPORTANT: Be sure not to pair an old Connect course with another new Canvas course! Each Connect course should only be used for a single Canvas course session.


Step 3: Deploy your assignments (for TRAD/NEW courses) OR Manually sync your assignments (for NONTRAD/COPIED courses)

Trad/New Courses: How to Deploy a Connect Assignment into Canvas

Once a Connect course is paired with a Canvas course, the assignments then need to be deployed. This process creates links in the Canvas course to the Connect course. Deployed assignments allow students to directly access the Connect assignment from their Canvas course, and also allows Connect to automatically inputs grades into the Canvas gradebook.

Nontrad/Copied Courses: How to Complete a Manual Sync between Connect and Canvas

If you've using a copied Canvas course that had Connect assignments in it, or if you are teaching a nontrad course that was automatically set up for you with Connect, you will need to manually sync that Canvas course to your copied Connect course from step #1 above.  Performing a manual sync ensures that the assignments are linked between the two platforms.


Need more help?

  • McGraw-Hill's technical support can be reached at the following:

    CALL: (800) 331-5094


    MONDAY-THURSDAY: 24 hours
    FRIDAY: 12 AM - 9 PM EST
    SATURDAY: 10 AM - 8 PM EST
    SUNDAY: 12 PM – 12 AM EST

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