Employee Services

Services for employee specific needs as well as commonly requested services for by employees.

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Custom Email Address

Request a custom email address

Extension and Desk Phone Configuration

Request a Desk Phone configuration change.

Multi-factor Authenticator (MFA) Reset

Request a reset of your MFA authenticator device association.

New Service or Upgrade Device

Purchase New Service or Upgrade cell phone, MIFI, or cellular device

Report a Network, Security, or Phone Problem

Request help with select network and server services.

Request Custom Report

Request a one-time report or a new permanent report that can be run on demand or on a schedule.

Request Email Analysis

Request analysis of incoming or outgoing email.

Request LetNet Account Permissions

Request the addition or removal of permissions from a LetNet account.

Request Network Port Activation

Request the activation of an existing network port.

Request New Network Jack Install

Request the installation of new network cabling.

Request Remote Office Setup

Request a Remote Office.