Popular Services

Request help with or report any issues with lab or classroom technology.

Request a reset of your MFA authenticator device association.

Request a purchase of university supported office equipment.

Report an issue with software, or the license implementation of a software package already deployed on campus.

Request the addition or removal of permissions from a LetNet account.

Report an issue accessing or utilizing CX, LETU's main student information system application installed on university computers.

Request help with select network and server services.

Request analysis of incoming or outgoing email.

Request help or report any issues with university supported office computer.

Request a merge for two or more courses in Canvas.

Report an issue accessing or utilizing myLETU, LETU's web-based solution for students and faculty/staff to interact with information in the main student information system.

Requesting the installation/renewal of software on LETU owned computers.

ECCS is a system with which emergency emails or text messages can be sent to students or faculty and staff.

Request a copy from a previous or current course to another course within Canvas.

Report an issue with accessing or utilizing Dynamic Forms.

Report an issue accessing or utilizing the an LETU Access database application used in by the department.

Request access to specific organizations in Dynamic Forms.

Links and information on how to obtain Canvas support.

Submit a photo to be used in your user profile in my.letu.edu and O365.

Request a refresh of the DM_Finance database outside of the automatic daily refresh done before the beginning of business day.

Request an extension to the end date of a course you have given a student an incomplete in.

Report an issue with the CBORD system or data stored there.

For new students having trouble accessing their LETU account.

Request that an individual with multiple with multiple CX IDs have their various IDs merged.